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    DVD Printing Duplication

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    DVD Printing Duplication

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    Select the options below to create a price specific for your needs. Full details of each option are explained underneath.

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    Product Description

    Disc Type

    We offer two different disc types for our short run DVD printing.

    Standard – For cheap and affordable DVD printing we offer high quality discs with inkjet printing. These are our most popular discs as they provide an affordable price to promotions, corporate freebies and more. They hold full colour print no problem at all and really do make your artwork stand out from the crowd.
    Gloss – A tuffcoat finish protecst the printed surface discs and are able with withstand contact with temperature fluctuations and moisture. The surface protects discs from snow, rain and spills with its highly-water resistant printing surface. It also privdes your DVDs with a glossy finish that really does rival that of thermal printing and at a fraction of the price.

    Ink Coverage

    We have 3 options here to allow you to have the best price for your DVD printing.
    Less 20% ink coverage is a white background with text, logos etc.
    Less 50% ink coverage may have an added image covering more of the disc.
    More 50% ink coverage is for artwork which covers the whole of the DVD surface.


    We list a variety of different quantities. If you require a price which is not shown above then do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be happy to provide a quote specifically for your needs.

    Duplication Required

    Duplication is the burning of your disc content onto the DVDs. We offer this service FREE of charge. We are happy to do this for you or we can supply the discs to you blank for you to burn yourself.

    Plastic Wallets

    We are happy to offer clear plastic wallets FREE of charge on all DVD printing jobs. So its a simple case of deciding whether you would like your discs packed in them or not. Other packaging options are available here for you to view.

    All prices shown include VAT printing and duplication.

    For many years now we have been providing CD Printing and DVD Duplication with fast turn around time for clients all over the UK and Europe. The duplication process is cost effective for CD / DVD runs of 1000 or less.

    Here at Make My Merch we use High Quality DVD onBody Inkjet Printing Technology.

    Special inkjet printable discs are loaded into our printers where the artwork is printed directly onto the discs. Once dry, these are then duplicated to order.

    All duplication orders of 400 discs or less come with a 24hour turnaround time. If you supply your artwork and audio/data before 10am, then these discs will be collected by the courier that afternoon for delivery the next day.

    Additional Information

    Disc Type

    Standard, Gloss

    Ink Coverage

    Less 20%, Less 50%, More 50%


    10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000

    Duplication Required

    Yes, No

    Plastic Wallets

    No, Yes

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